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Farmertec Complete Repair Parts for STIHL MS660 066 Chainsaw Engine Motor Crankcase Crankshaft Carburetor Fuel Tank Cylinder Piston Ignition Coil 5 (from 31 reviews)
Complete Repair Parts for STIHL MS660 066 Chainsaw Engine Motor Crankcase Crankshaft Carburetor Fuel Tank Cylinder Piston Ignition Coil

Complete Repair Parts for STIHL MS660 066 Chainsaw Engine Motor Crankcase Crankshaft Carburetor Fuel Tank Cylinder Piston Ignition Coil Item NO: CS66020A

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Product Name Complete Repair Parts for STIHL MS660 066 Chainsaw Engine Motor Crankcase Crankshaft Carburetor Fuel Tank Cylinder Piston Ignition Coil
Item NO CS66020A
Weight 9.5000 Kg
Category Complete Chainsaw Parts > Stihl 066 MS660 Parts (Complete Saw Repair Kits)
Brand Farmertec
Creation time 2016-12-16



FITS: STIHL MS660 066 Chainsaw

Include everything for repairing a whole STIHL MS660 066 Chainsaw.

Wrap Around Handle Bar With Elbow and screws For STIHL MS650 MS660 066 065 Chainsaw is available now, you need to purchase it separately, click the blow picture link to have one :

Customers Feedback:



Great saw!!


Huztl MS660

This saw is super fun to put together. Even more fun to run!! All my parts went together very well, except the bar adjuster. That’s a known issue. If you plan ahead it shouldn’t be a problem.
This saw has more power than most will ever need. After running it hard for roughly 7-8 tanks I can say it has held up well and exceeds my expectations. Anyone who says these saws are junk is just ignorant. Run one yourself and you’ll be impressed!



Have built 5 of the 066 kits for myself and others and i'll tell you I am impressed.
The quality is good and they run well.
Had some minor issues with a couple of kits (leaky gas cap ,missing screws) but all in all everyone is happy with them.
I will probably do an 044 kit next.


Jeffrey Mennes

I have built two of these ms660 saws. I was very impressed with them both. They run and cut just as good as the stihl oem models. Not to mention, building them are really fun. If anyone is looking for a bigger saw to cut with, i would highly recommend trying this before you spend 1250$ on the oem model. For that price, you can buy four of the farmertec/huztl saws.
I give this saw a five star rating. But there are a few parts i would suggest buying oem.
-Chain tensioner
-Decompression valve
-Gas cap
Other than that, everything i have not had any problems with.
Also, when you build this saw, i highly recommend you use a bearing press with some sockets to install your crank and casing in place. It works much better than heating and using a hammer. Your crank will be straight, and move freely.



Заказывал комплект для сборки мс 660. на польский адрес. Посылка дошла очень быстро за 2 недели. Упаковано очень аккуратно.Огромное спасибо продавцу. Качество меня полностью устраивает.Обязательно буду покупать ещё.


Claude Rowe

love the saw kit. easy to assemble lots of power. it is a beast! runs my 36 inch bar with a full skip chain with ease.



This is the 5th saw kit that I have assembled from Huztl, I purchased this kit back in February and opened it upon arrival for inspection, I failed too notice there was an actuating lever for the chain break missing so I had to purchase this at a later date due to the fact that I waited 6 months to assemble this saw kit. There were also 2 lower muffler mounting taps missing but I was able to find 2 socket cap taps to replace the missing ones from my extras. This kit went together with little problems and was running with like 9 pulls of the cord. The 1 issue I did have is both the choke and throttle butterfly blades were sticking inside the carburetor venturi, this issue was corrected by just loosening the little tap that holds them on the shaft then opening and closing them then retightening the tap.
This kit is of high quality with all parts fitting as they should. The cylinder casting was very good with great coating on the cylinder wall. The ports were square and symmetrical and were where they were supposed to be located.
All in All if you have the mechanical abilities you can not go wrong with this kit and at less than $300 including shipping and a 25" bar and chain its still about 1/3 the coast of its real counter part and in the end it is a saw that you built from a box of parts and that's a lot of self satisfaction.



Ordered 660 and Hulzforma bar & chains. Took about a week arrive. It assembled with, started the first time within 4 pulls, and runs great after only minor tuning. Quality was great and I can't wait to start milling with it.



First time of buying such a kit.
To be onest this kit is good for its value,if you know what you are doing and if you know what you need to replace it with OEM then you can make very good chainsaw build that will last long..
By my impression the thing that needs to be replaced with oem are:
Crank seals,pistong rings and clips,chain tensioner,compresion valve,chain sprocket..look like a lot but it is not..



purchased a 660 kit that arrived about a week ago.
finished assembling it and runs great.
enjoyed it very much and i am looking forward to doing another one.








Steve easy

Enjoyed the first kit so much I had to get another.


Matthew Saffles

Fun to assembly. I have had it running for about six months and it runs great. It has no problem pulling a three foot 404 bar and chain. It balances really well.


Il kit è arrivato in una settimana. Montato in 3 - 4 ore , appena acceso già si capisce che ha tanta potenza.. Ottima finitura e prezzo... Ne ho aquistato un secondo dopo un mese e ho montato il kit big bore ... Potentissima..



Greatly enjoyed puzzling together my first saw !
Going into this with the right attitude, is the key to making this a truly enjoyable hobby.
Thank-You HUZTL !



This thing is awesome. I've been running mine for about 6 months now, bucking, stump cutting, and milling. It's a great saw and I'm really happy with how it turned out. There are lots of youtube videos to help put it together, and there wasn't anything too difficult.


Kevin m.

wow this saw has been a lot of fun. between learning how to put it together and getting the thing to run, I have had a blast. This thing is a beast!


Steve easy

Thank you farmertec, enjoyed putting this kit together. Delivery was quick, keep up the good work!. I would definitely buy again.



The parts all appear to be good quality. It was a bit of a challenge putting it together without instructions, but i found a bunch of youtube videos that were helpful. It was missing a couple of screws but i was able to get new ones from the local stihl dealer. I've been using it with an alaskan mill, also purchased here, and am very impressed with the performance of the saw. I've milled many 24" diameter 16' long douglas fir logs logs, and the saw really gets a good workout. So far its standing up very well. I have since ordered another saw that I'm putting together for a friend. I ordered a bar and chain from huztl for this saw. The bar was missing from the order. I reported the problem and the bar was shipped soon after.