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Based on a Zenoah design, there are a lot of these in different colors and brands....same saw. Zenoah / Redmax were solid designs even before Husqvarna, WHY Husqvarna bought them! Needed the X-Torq technology & expertise.
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a PERFECT time to go get some fire wood! Holzfforma's G372xp & G660 Cold & Windy Day For Field Testing Chainsaws!
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This is the drill attachment that I spoke of in previous videos. Neat little tool, I can definitly see where it would be handy, I do have some minor complaints but otherwise a pretty good little tool. You can find it at Contact Uncle Cy at Facebook: Twitter: Instagram MERCHANDISE!!! Music from Epidemic Sound New Channel Graphics from
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So here it is the 20th of December and I still haven't gotten a tree. Time to rectify that. This video is a Just for fun video so I hope you enjoy it.
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The G4500 arrived before I thought it would. Well no better time than the present. This appears to be a good saw so far. You will find the G4500 here
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So the G255 arrived today, and I did not hesitate to get it out of the box and check it out. I bought this one for the chainsaw carvings I am getting into more of late. You can find this saw here :
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This is the G3800 JonCutter from Farmertec. Part of a new line of saws they have released. I will, over the next few months, put this little dude through its paces and see how it holds up. Be sure to subscribe to see how all of the saws I am trying out hold up. You can find this saw here
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Got three of the test saws back for maintenance type things.....they have all been out since this time last year. Seem like they are doing just fine in the grand scheme of things. ALSO stuck together a low top 372xpw (original edition) saw, ALL OEM; for a fellow who has run 390's for the last ten years and is beginning to feel the results. So trying to build a torque enhanced saw with the weight of the 365 and split the difference between a 372xt and 390 for power. AND a follow on the the weight loss program I have embarked on since this time last year....have really made progress and now that the routine is BACK in place hoping to settle into this work pattern and get BACK to where I was as best possible before I was messed up first by a goofy Highway Work Schedule, which first was about only living on 3 hours of sleep a night for a couple of years during winter. THAT precipitated into me being groggy tired ALL the time; having an accident falling out of a tractor and tearing the Pectoral muscle completely whats called a weight lifters tear; , a complete detachment. THE the lack of sleep issues continued, weight gain continued until my hip began to fail, exacerbating all things...until finally I had to retire. Spent the last summer first re-evaluating priorities, getting a hip replaced and now resetting both priorities and life in general.....this is the result.
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