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cutting between the two chainsaws, 390xp is stock, G372xp has muffler mod. The chain is RS .404, on the second stack, with limiter just over 0.8mm.
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72cc Holzfforma G388 first start, tune, cuts and bonus cuts in very hard dry ash, impressed by this chainsaw.
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cutting big oak with FarmerTec G660, long-term test plan about this chainsaw
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Comparison between MS500i and FarmerTec G444, using the same bar and chain. The G444 is pretty powerful!
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FarmerTec G372xp cutting dry oak with 70cm bar
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FarmerTec Holzfforma G444 and Stihl MS661C cut wood for fire. Both have muffler mode, use an 80cm rail, 8-wheel drive and RS 3/8 chain.
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Comparison between the 3 chainsaws, using the same chain and bar. In the end I can say that the Holzfforma G372xp works pretty well. You still have to keep in mind that 372xp X-torq is modded on the drum, so it has the advantage, otherwise it was behind the other two.
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Holzfforma G372XP, first startup, adjustment, first cut and bonus (60cm blade cut in dry ash)
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