105cc Holzfforma® Blue Thunder G070 Gasoline Chain Saw Power Head Only Without Guide Bar and Saw Chain All Parts Are Compatible With 070 090 MAGNUM Chainsaw

105cc Holzfforma® Blue Thunder G070 Gasoline Chain Saw Power Head Only Without Guide Bar and Saw Chain All Parts Are Compatible With 070 090 MAGNUM Chainsaw Item NO: CS07066

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  • Type: G070 power head
  • Displacement: 105cc
  • Power: 4.8kw
Product Name 105cc Holzfforma® Blue Thunder G070 Gasoline Chain Saw Power Head Only Without Guide Bar and Saw Chain All Parts Are Compatible With 070 090 MAGNUM Chainsaw
Item NO CS07066
Weight 14.0000 kg = 30.8647 lb = 493.8355 oz
Category Outdoor Power Equipments > Chain Saws
Tag Chain Saw , 070
Brand Holzfforma
Creation time 2017-04-01




Don Hunt

I already bought a ms660 from someone else over a year ago and had a few problems with it. But after reading the positive comments I decided to give farmertec a chance and bought a 365 It! So I decided I was going to buy is 660 from them I saw the 070 was on sale and I've always wanted one. Words can't express how happy I am with a saw. If you wanted one buy one from them you won't be let down.


Thomas young

Just received the 070 power head today. Shipping was very fast just under 6 days to Ireland. This saw is not for the faint hearted it is a beast. Arrived very well packaged and no damage can't wait to fire it up. Many thanks huztl


Paul everson

Got it in 10 days. Ran great. Installed a 36 inch bar from stihl had to drill new forward holes to make it work. Saw ran flawless so far. Tons of torque and burns threw a big fir log. Very happy and love the big 105cc


Edwin Johnson

I am thinking about buying one of this MS O70. It is the same as the 070 from Germany back in the days? Want to us it in Africa for pitsawing. I need some Peace's of advice to make a decision.
Thanks and looking forward to hearing from someone.


Charlie Booth

I bought one of these after my 20+ year old 044 gave up shortly after putting on 36" chainsaw mill.
Started right up! Works like a champ. I prefer roller tip bar, so I bought OEM 36" bar. OEM takes 4 more links than farmertech 36" bar. I had to drill the extra two forward holes for adjustment pin in bar. I did order farmertec 36" bar and 104 link ripping chains. Have not used though yet. So far I have milled several red cedars, and a couple of red oaks. Only problems....plastic cap pop off or decompression valve and plastic pin and spring pop off of throttle lock.
Also fuel cap stripped and chain off in tank. Good news is they credited me for those parts and I have ordered replacements. I will be using locktite blue, or superglue for plastic on metal press parts....

Even without throttle lock I can press decompression valve choke and one pull, push choke in. Starts first time!


Luke Pearson

Awesome saw had to solder one electrical connection to get spark but then it’s game on best saw I’ve had! Mill a couple of trees did great


Greg G.

Came fast!! Starts right up and sounds really nice. Has great compression and and lots of power for the big logs. Great product worth every dollar!!


Fred Lambert

Powerful and perfect machine sold by really serious people ! Parcel received in barely 9 days by TNT. Thank you very much ^^


Brian Bradley

I ordered my 070 back in June. The saw head came within 9 business days, as promised. This thing is a beast! I have many hardwoods down due to storms and large sycamore too! This thing just looks at you like it's saying " I thought you had some wood to cut!" My only advise would be this, Don't get this thing if you don't have really big trees to cut ! It's heavy ( 26 lbs without a bar). But if you do get it, order a bar and chain for it from here. Most Sthil dealers don't carry a bar and chain for this model. Also, i advise you not to tell them where you got it necause they tather irrritated.


Alex Miller

Ordered one of these MS 070's and haven't had any issues with it. Was delivered in nine business days. Was packaged very well. Taking it out of the box, only thing I had to do was put the dogs on and add gas and oil. Saw had gas in it before, like they test fired it before shipping. Only took about 5-7 pulls to get it to fire up, didn't even need to adjust the carb. I haven't used the saw a whole lot yet but what I have used it for I don't have a Single complaint. The saw also came with a little mixing jug for the gas and a little tool kit, I don't think it mentions that stuff is included


Bedford T

This is a very high quality saw. I had it on my door step in 7 days. It cranked right up. This will be used mostly in my 36 Inch Holzfforma Portable Chainsaw Mill Planking Milling. It was a good choice. Now you just need to sell big bars and chains. I made a short youtube video on the powerhead running after unpacking it, and a up close video of the saw after unpacking it, I still have to buy a bar and chain. This saw uses the big bar mount. You can't go wrong buying this. Monster saw!



Service:Dear sir, Thanks for your appreciation. The whole parts of this 070 saw will be available at the beginning of next month. We will add it on our website at first time. Best regards, HUZTL TEAM


saidu Tholley

stihl 070 power head shaw with all parts

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