Home>Outdoor Power Equipments>Chain Saws>71cc Holzfforma® G372XP Gasoline Chain Saw Power Head 50mm Bore Without Guide Bar and Chain Top Quality By Farmertec All Parts Are Compatible With Husqvarna 372XP Chainsaw
71cc Holzfforma® G372XP Gasoline Chain Saw Power Head 50mm Bore Without Guide Bar and Chain Top Quality By Farmertec All Parts Are Compatible With Husqvarna 372XP Chainsaw

71cc Holzfforma® G372XP Gasoline Chain Saw Power Head 50mm Bore Without Guide Bar and Chain Top Quality By Farmertec All Parts Are Compatible With Husqvarna 372XP Chainsaw Item NO: CS37266

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  • Type: power head
  • Displacement: 71CC
  • Cylinder bore: 50mm
  • Chain type: 3/8 .058
Product Name 71cc Holzfforma® G372XP Gasoline Chain Saw Power Head 50mm Bore Without Guide Bar and Chain Top Quality By Farmertec All Parts Are Compatible With Husqvarna 372XP Chainsaw
Item NO CS37266
Weight 9 kg = 19.8416 lb = 317.4657 oz
Category Outdoor Power Equipments > Chain Saws
Brand Holzfforma
Creation time 2018-11-11




Reds Chainsaw Works

I've had great luck with the g372xp I did a base gasket delete,52mm 77cc big bore straight out of the box! Portmapped and ported subed in OEM wrist pin and piston circlips and OEM full wrap handle also made a stihl bar adapter and running a 24" Stihl mount bar with square ground chain this saw performs flawlessly and is very strong i had one issue with the fuel tank leaking and contacted huztl service and they took care of the issue saw is still running great with over 10 tanks of fuel through it now cutting various hardwoods in the United States I would recommend this saw to anyone wanting a reliable strong saw! Thanks Farmertec!


Nate Loftus

I bought this saw a few months ago for professional tree service. I bought the 28" bar and chain with it. Eats threw every hardwood including locust. Very happy with it will definitely buy another one again



Great saw, plenty of power, no issues yet. Will see how long it lasts.


Jon H

372xp. Haven't had any problems with it. Starts and runs like it should. Haven checked the compression, but the squish is at 48. Will do a base gasket delete soon. Still a strong saw though


Ronald Wertman

Seems to be the same saw as my Husky 372. Have bought 2 of them. 5 star all the way.


Joe S. Oklahoma

Running a 24 inch bar and cutting trees down, limbing and bucking! Runs great, starts great and has good power. Running it a bit rich and using 25:1 mix in it with Stihl synthetic mix. Can wait to get more time on it so I can open her up and running it harder! Done some chainsaw milling as well and it impressed me.


KC Cutler

I recently received my g372xp. Started great right out of the box, oils great, first 3 tanks I kept it rich and re-tuned the carburetor and runs great like oem 372xp now. Almost cant tell the difference in saw next to my oem husqvarna 372. Very pleased with saw. Great buy. For the price u cant go wrong. Farmertec was great to deal with and looking forward to doing more business with them


Floyd munn

372 holzfforma



Ordered it last night and it is already processed and shipped! Looking forward to seeing the saw and breaking it in. Will be back to tell ya how it runs!


Chuck poeppel

Very good saw for the price


Anthony Parrott

My saw arrived in great condition. Cranked on the 5th pull. The trigger lock doesn't work but it's no big deal. The manual is a little confusing because on the box they state 25 to 1 fuel mix and 11,500 rpm. The manual says 50 to 1 and 13,500 rpm. Customer service said to beak in with 25 to 1 then go to 50 to 1 mix. They didn't answer my question on the correct rpm setting. I am confident that it's 13,500 after break in. My tachometer shows it's running 11,000 rpm out of the box.



The saw I received had a intake boot clip that was more of a garden hose clip, than a chainsaw clip, and that clip came loose, when the saw was at its 20 Th. tank of fuel.
That gave some damage to the Piston / Cylinder, I received new parts. Thanks Hutzl.
The saw needs an O-ring 15 x 0.6 mm # 503 26 30 19, between the bearing and sleeve ( PJ36525 ) on the clutch side.
I did use a 13 x 1.5 mm O-ring.
Without this O-ring the saw will act like it has a bad seal, and give low compression .
I really like this saw do to the big air filter and this saw is my favorite .
I highly recommend this saw do its weight / power ratio, it is easy to work on too.
Buy a Big Bore kit and you will even more happy with this saw.


Matt Vaughn

After doing some research I decided to give the G372XP a try. The saw arrived 10 days after order was placed, well packaged, with no broken or missing parts. The muffler was slightly dented enough to prevent removal of one the mounting screws – easily fixed with a few taps from a punch and hammer. Checked the spark plug gap and found it to be way out of spec – another easy fix. Filled it with fuel and oil, both sealed without leaks. Started with a few pulls as expected, no problems with cold, warm, or hot starts. Did have a problem with the throttle. With the operator presense lever fully depressed it seemed to interfere and slow the release of the throttle. When the operator presense lever lightly depressed, the throttle released quickly. I removed the operator presense lever and greased the end nearest the throttle which has corrected the problem. I don’t have many hours yet on the saw but am pleased with the performance, power, and price.


Robert Casale

Great saw for the price. Even better then a Husky


Bob Casale

Been in the tree industry for over 12 years. Would rate it as as the same as a husky


Duane Carlson

I received two g372's today and went thru them lightly and I was impressed, yes the boxes were beat up , but the saws were fine, I fired the first one up and it runs awesome ! Turn it off and one pull and it starts right up the second saw well hmmm still looking it to it , would I buy again YES I would the price is absolutely right!


Garw B. White

I ordered a 372XP powerhead nearly a week ago but have seen no progress on the supposed next day shipping. When will it ship ?


Lyle Davis

Poor packaging, damaged on off switch and the side cover was cracked into pieces., saw ordered in December of 2018 and customer service attempted to solve issues but the side cover sent is not completely manufactured (saw dog holes not threaded) and cant be used. I have been struggling with this issue for nearly 4 MONTHS. If you want a poorly packaged saw to arrive broken order now. I am awaiting an email frrom farmer tech


Todd Thomas

Feel free to delete my previous comment.

Saw arrived about 10 days after ordering. Out of the box, the saw started in a total of 2 pulls, one choked which got the motor to begin turning under its own power, then one unchoked and it fired right up. Seemed to be tuned a bit fat for my location (2,600 )

Had an issue with the saw, however which is likely the fault of the shipping carrier. The box was still sealed in packing tape but was visually damaged and deformed. Upon taking the saw out of the box I found a ~2 piece of orange plastic in the bottom of the box. It was from the chain/clutch side of the saws handle. There is also a crack originating at the broken piece that extends 2-2.5 up the handle towards the fuel tank. Kind of worried it will migrate up the handle over time and cause a fuel leak but time will tell. Not ideal on a brand new saw but I understand the reason this saw is ~25% the price of a Husky 372 is costs have to be saved. I'll likely purchase a used Husquvarna handle/tank in the future to replace it. The customer support person offered me a small amount of $ as a refund but I declined as it was a pretty minuscule amount.

Plastic issues aside, the saw runs great after 2 tanks. Ripped a 24 long 20 diameter walnut log into small slabs and the saw did it with relative ease. Oils great, clears chips/spaghetti no problem and starts very easily every time in 2-3 pulls. Hot starts are 1 pull every time, idles down fine, doesn't stall.

I'd give the saw 4.5 stars if I could, but 5 is more fitting than 4. If the plastic was a bit more durable it would be 6 stars.



Saw runs well. Cold starts on third pull. Hot starts on one pull. Set up very rich but only takes a minute to adjust. Oiler works well, lots of oil for a 28 inch bar. Had an issue with the fuel tank vent leaking but they are sending a new one. Good saw for the money

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