92cc Holzfforma® Blue Thunder G660 Gasoline Chain Saw Power Head Without Guide Bar and Chain Top Quality By Farmertec One year warranty All parts are compatible with MS660 066 Chainsaw

92cc Holzfforma® Blue Thunder G660 Gasoline Chain Saw Power Head Without Guide Bar and Chain Top Quality By Farmertec One year warranty All parts are compatible with MS660 066 Chainsaw Item NO: CS66688

US$ 329.00
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  • Type: G660 Power head
  • Displacement: 92CC
  • Power: 5.2KW
  • Interchangeable Parts: Farmertec MS660 066 parts
Product Name 92cc Holzfforma® Blue Thunder G660 Gasoline Chain Saw Power Head Without Guide Bar and Chain Top Quality By Farmertec One year warranty All parts are compatible with MS660 066 Chainsaw
Item NO CS66688
Weight 12.0000 kg = 26.4555 lb = 423.2875 oz
Category Outdoor Power Equipments > Chain Saws
Brand Holzfforma
Creation time 2018-08-25






I ordered my saw 2 weeks ago it came in today huztl customer service was very helpful thru messages quick replies had to do some minor assembly as expected all tools were included I ran a tank of gas thru it as soon as it was ready to go and I am very happy with my g660 I look forward to more business with huztl in the future


Bob M

Just received my g660. Took less that two weeks. Installed the handle and a 36 inch stihl bar. Fuel and oil eight pulls plus two more and it was running. Great power and expect more when broken in.with free shipping don’t know why anyone would buy it in kit form.


Gary Courtney

I ran my 660 for the first time today. The saw performed flawlessly. The saw idled as good as any saw I own. I am very pleased thus far. I could not bog it down in 30 wood.



Wasn’t sure what to think at first. I did a lot of research and decided to give it a shot. I am very impressed with this saw. Have about 10 tanks threw this saw and no problems so far. I will be ordering another soon.


Mike G

I was skeptical, as anyone is, about the "too good to be true" aspect of these saws. After a bunch of research I pulled the trigger on a G660 and matched it with a 36" bar for milling.
It cuts like it's hungry and goes through softwood like butter. Is it made as well as its German counterpart? No, but it's made well enough to be plenty safe and has a tonne of power. For the cost, you can't beat it.



Great chainsaw at a great price. Took a little long to arrive but once it came was easy to assemble and it started up on four pulls. I would definitely buy another one.



Saw runs Great has plenty of power with 28” bar i wish I would have been able to get these 25 years ago.I am very happy with this saw!


Josh wilburn

I just got my new g660 with the 28" bar and I am so pleased with the performance of the Saw I have a lot of Big Red Oaks and White Oaks and ash trees I cut down today and cut up for firewood I cut 6 Rick's of wood today with saw and had no issues with it it runs like a champ and it cuts through this hard would like butter that you just put in the microwave and sliced it with a butter knife it cuts that well I will be buying other saws through this company


Cory b

I have to say I absolutely love this saw. It's reliable, very fast cutting, easy to start, and a riot to run. It is probably out side of the weight most people want to carry and use all day. But if you can no body will be able to keep up. 25" bar balances perfect, 36" is nose heavy, the full wrap handle is the cats pajamas.


Christopher M

This saw is an excellent machine for the price. The saw fired right up after unboxing. It runs and cuts like crazy. I wouldn't hesitate ordering another.


Scott H

This chainsaw is amazing! Really awesome bang for your buck, runs just like what it is cloned after, will be buying another one in the near future. With that being said the only reason why I am giving 4 stars is the shipping took way longer then expected and customer service is little to no help.


don drinkwater

i have bought 3 of these g660 saws am very happy with them they all fired up with 6 pulls of the starter all run well straight out of the box.i also bought a ms660 kit put it together in 6 hours put a big bore kit on it from the start it also started in 6 pulls it didnt run that well until i had a play with the carb but runs really well now .would encourage others to buy these kits and have fun putting this jig saw puzzle together


don drinkwater

i bought 3 g660 saws took them out of their boxes put them together fueled and oiled them 6 pulls and away they went.all 3 saws run well out of the box also bought some bars and chains seem like real quality the price was right too.all up i am really pleased with the saws and bars and chains the price was good too do yourself a favour and buy one



Happy with the purchase. A bit nervous when the tracking number did not work. They were quick to reassure me everything was fine and provided a valid tracking number. Ran a tank and a half through it then jetted to 13000 rpm. Extremely efficient cutting soft wood. Will start milling with it now. Only negative so far is the Chain adjuster works but isn't the smoothest operating. Definatly recommend purchasing this saw



Fast shipping. Easy to install the full wrap handlebar. Fired right up and cut as it should. I ran five tanks of mixed gas through it than adjusted the carb to have it run at 13,500RPM. It's a beast of a saw and is worth the money. I would not hesitate to mill with it.
The blue color is a nice touch and it stands out from all the other saws.


Tom R

Mine had the air filter, nothing missing. I also ordered a couple of 7the biggest bar and chain. I reset the carb 1 turn to the standard setting and it runs very well. I cut up a pile of old soft pine to give it an easy break in and it ran like a champ. The saw did not notice that it was buried in the soft wood.


Joe B

Fired right up, runs great, was set a little rich. I like the looks, not a big fan of white and ultimately the reason I bought this over buying a kit to build my own. Little assembly required at delivery, just the handle bar and spikes. Only issue I had was mine was shipped with no air filter and since messaged them to see if that's how they ship or was just missing. I would definitely buy another, great saw for the price.
  • 10M18S
    Had a chance to try out the new Holzfforma Chainsaws on some small maple trees that had to come down. Will joined me with the G660.
    0 0 0
  • 7M
    FarmerTec G660 Stihl RS new chain LS+ 30ml 50cm ES Light bar stejar semiuscat 43cm 13300-13500rpm. Timpii R1 (initial carb setting after break in) 10.1s/9.9s R2 9.8s R3 9.4s 10.64s (high load) R4 9.96s 11.34s (high load) R6 10.72s
    0 0 0
  • 1M54S
    Timpii: MS661C-M 9.02s 9.78s FarmerTec G660 9.5s 10.60s Stihl MS661C-M/7 pin/13300rpm FarmerTec Holzfforma G660/7 pin/~13300rpm ES Light bar - 50cm Stihl RS new chain LS+/HP Ultra 30ml
    0 0 0
  • 22M59S
    So I was going to get started on fixing the McCullough Timber Bear. Then My Buddy Will stopped by with his new G660 still in the box. So we collaborated.
    0 0 0
  • 4M1S
    New out of the box Farmertec G372 vs G660. In my opinion the G660 takes the cake. Both are good saws out of the box and with some adjustment can become excellent tools.
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  • 29M21S
    First Look At the Holzfforma G660 power head.
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  • 6M18S
    The FarmerTec G660 is wearing a 32 bar with full comp chain and the Makita/Dolmar 7910 is using a 24 bar and chain. The wood is aleppo pine which is a hard wood pine and is full of sap and is very dense.
    0 0 0
  • 8M18S
    After five tanks of mixed fuel through this chiansaw I've decided to tune it to 13,500RPM. These saws can be found at and are an excellent deal. They are compatible with Stihl's 660 and 066 chainsaws. Overall I am very pleased with this saw~
    0 0 0
  • 4M24S
    Using my Farmertec G660 chainsaw I make a simple bench out of a log. This is my first time making a bench like this and in my own opinion it is a little crude but it serves it's purpose.
    0 0 0
  • 7M51S
    Unboxing of the Huztl Holzfforma G660 chainsaw which is compatible with Stihl's 660 and 066 magnum chainsaws. Well-assembled and ready to run!
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  • 9M
    First start up and cutting wood with the Holzfforma G660 out of the box. No adjustments to the carb were made.
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