Home>Outdoor Power Equipments>Chain Saws>92cc Holzfforma® Blue Thunder G660 Gasoline Chain Saw Power Head Without Guide Bar and Chain Top Quality By Farmertec One year warranty All parts are compatible with MS660 066 Chainsaw
92cc Holzfforma® Blue Thunder G660 Gasoline Chain Saw Power Head Without Guide Bar and Chain Top Quality By Farmertec One year warranty All parts are compatible with MS660 066 Chainsaw

92cc Holzfforma® Blue Thunder G660 Gasoline Chain Saw Power Head Without Guide Bar and Chain Top Quality By Farmertec One year warranty All parts are compatible with MS660 066 Chainsaw Item NO: CS66688

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  • Type: G660 Power head
  • Displacement: 92CC
  • Power: 5.2KW
  • Interchangeable Parts: Farmertec MS660 066 parts
  • It is with luxury handle bar ,Magnesium Alloy Recoil Starter/Crankcase/Sprocket Cover as shown in the picture, make your work easier and safer.
Product Name 92cc Holzfforma® Blue Thunder G660 Gasoline Chain Saw Power Head Without Guide Bar and Chain Top Quality By Farmertec One year warranty All parts are compatible with MS660 066 Chainsaw
Item NO CS66688
Weight 12.0000 kg = 26.4555 lb = 423.2875 oz
Category Outdoor Power Equipments > Chain Saws
Tag CHAINSAW , Holzfforma
Brand Holzfforma
Creation time 2018-08-25




Adam S

I purchased this saw at end of last year. We cut significant firewood but not professionally. I have a friend in the tree business who brings me some big stuff - 30 diameter hardwood and sometimes bigger in 6 foot sections. I use a Holzfforma 25 bar and Holzfforma full chisel chains. This saw flies through everything, no problem. I stick to manufacturer recommendations and run a 25:1 mix with ethanol-free gas and synthetic 2-cycle oil plus use standard bar oil. I have run roughly 40 tanks of gas and feel the saw performs a bit better now that it's broken in. I like to keep the saw clean and use a cheap paintbrush for that purpose. I also like to perform regular maintenance like taking the clutch apart and cleaning it, cleaning the air filter, and other basics. I feel that helps keep the saw running well and I get eyes on the internals regularly. The saw seems pretty serviceable. I also like the wrap-around handle, which allows for a little more versatility with saw position. So far, I have only had one broken clutch spring and no other issues so far. I'm thinking of trying a 28 bar to get a little extra capacity on the bigger stuff. I'd rather go up in bar length one size at a time to get used to it because the torque/power of the saw is significant and needs to be respected. Bottom line - This is a great saw!
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The saw has done great. 20 th.+ tanks of fuel has gone trough it by now. No issues at all.
I did choose to upgrade the oil pump to a high output pump, because I want to use long bars.
At the moment I use 28'' and 36'' light weight pro Sugihara bars.
Using the 28'' bar the saw has a very good balance.
I wish that Hutzl will start selling the high output pump, it is only small adjustments that is between the standard pump and the high output pump.
It can be done with no extra cost.
I highly recommend this saw if you have some big trees .


Eric Durand

I got this G660 saw 3 month ago.The saw fired right up(3 pull) after unboxing. It runs perfect after adjusted the carb 1turn off on L and H screw.The full choke and half choke work perfect if you adjust the iddle RPM highter of 3000rpm.Nice finish quality machine,handdle bar etc... I am Installed a 25”Holzfforma combinaison bar & chisel chain !really impressive about the Quality of the Full Chisel Chain and Bar!Really recommended!. I have no problem with the pull start! .The secret, press the button of the decompressor at each pull attempt and to be soft with the starter.
I love this ChainSAW!.
I wouldn't hesitate ordering another.


Terry B

Already own the 440, bought the 660 to help with the big logs, arrived in 2 weeks, gas & oil, 5 pulls and it fired up, only problem was oil pump wasn’t oiling the chain. Took it apart, worm gear is chewed up & oil pump gear was rough and hanging up, replaced with new Stens parts & we’re back in business. Warranty help offered a $5.00 credit, the gear cost more than that, but hey, it is what it is, still not bad for the money


Alvin Mc Donald

I love my G660 chainsaw fired right up couldn’t be more pleased with it it’s awesome.. I have used it very much in the last six months problem free ..


Gary Lemons

Really like this saw was cutting great until one of the carb nuts vibrated loose and sucked into the cylinder great saw for the money and I got a new engine on the way check those nuts that hold air cleaner bracket bad luck iim still very happy with the saw



Love this beast. After a 4 tank break in, I've been running a 28 inch bar on an Alaskan sawmill. So far, the only thing I could pretend to call an issue is having to sharpen chains. Plenty of power, and has been planking out 24 inch white oak without showing and slowdown.

While the shipping takes awhile, the price and quality definitely worth going for.



For. Can you get these without the full wrap handle


Doug r

Cant get a tracking number that works very Unprofessional service



I ordered my saw 2 weeks ago it came in today huztl customer service was very helpful thru messages quick replies had to do some minor assembly as expected all tools were included I ran a tank of gas thru it as soon as it was ready to go and I am very happy with my g660 I look forward to more business with huztl in the future


Bob M

Just received my g660. Took less that two weeks. Installed the handle and a 36 inch stihl bar. Fuel and oil eight pulls plus two more and it was running. Great power and expect more when broken in.with free shipping don’t know why anyone would buy it in kit form.


Gary Courtney

I ran my 660 for the first time today. The saw performed flawlessly. The saw idled as good as any saw I own. I am very pleased thus far. I could not bog it down in 30 wood.



NOT a functioning saw out of the box. Customer service is a joke.



Wasn’t sure what to think at first. I did a lot of research and decided to give it a shot. I am very impressed with this saw. Have about 10 tanks threw this saw and no problems so far. I will be ordering another soon.


Michael Reed wade

Blue thunder can't wait until I order mine and can you puchase one with bar and chain


Mike G

I was skeptical, as anyone is, about the "too good to be true" aspect of these saws. After a bunch of research I pulled the trigger on a G660 and matched it with a 36" bar for milling.
It cuts like it's hungry and goes through softwood like butter. Is it made as well as its German counterpart? No, but it's made well enough to be plenty safe and has a tonne of power. For the cost, you can't beat it.



Great chainsaw at a great price. Took a little long to arrive but once it came was easy to assemble and it started up on four pulls. I would definitely buy another one.



Saw runs Great has plenty of power with 28” bar i wish I would have been able to get these 25 years ago.I am very happy with this saw!


Josh wilburn

I just got my new g660 with the 28" bar and I am so pleased with the performance of the Saw I have a lot of Big Red Oaks and White Oaks and ash trees I cut down today and cut up for firewood I cut 6 Rick's of wood today with saw and had no issues with it it runs like a champ and it cuts through this hard would like butter that you just put in the microwave and sliced it with a butter knife it cuts that well I will be buying other saws through this company


Cory b

I have to say I absolutely love this saw. It's reliable, very fast cutting, easy to start, and a riot to run. It is probably out side of the weight most people want to carry and use all day. But if you can no body will be able to keep up. 25" bar balances perfect, 36" is nose heavy, the full wrap handle is the cats pajamas.

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