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  • 2019-01-11
    Großartig! Es macht sehr viel Spaß aus den Ersatzteilen eine Säge zu bauen. Die Qualität der Teile ist sehr gut und mit ein paar kleinen Verbesserungen sind sie perfekt. Ich benutze die Säge jetzt 1,5 Jahre ohne Probleme!
  • 2018-11-25
    Don Gordon
    Started at 1:00 pm completed asymbely of the 440 kit in 2 hours. Oil pump clutch drive was too long had to shorten drive arm. Bar tension spur gear well needed to be enlarged so spur gear would fit in well. Fueled and oiled saw started and ran with 5 pulls. Truly impressed. We are having a blizzard today so haven't tried saw yet.
  • 2017-11-17
    Been running my 660 kit in a tree service setting with a 25" Stihl bar and chain with very little problems. Only one was the muffler baffling broke but huztl sent me a new muffler and I'm back in business no issue. I've sense did a 440 kit and used a huztl top end kit on a 200t.
  • 2017-10-04
    first kit from them
  • 2017-08-18
    This was my second kit I have purchased and it was a very smooth assembly. The saw fired up on the second pull, after tuning the saw has run flawlessly ever since. It is the best sounding and performing saw I have seen in its class. I will be purchasing a few more of these in the coming months. I highly recommend this kit to anyone on the fence about this saw. I also highly recommend huztl as a company everything I have received from them has been spot on.
  • 2017-06-26
    This was my very first saw kit build. I have an oem saw to compare parts with and was blown away buy how accurate every piece was. My boss owns four 044's and i have run them for years. This farmertec kit saw performs every bit as well as oem.
    Ive sense ordered my fifth farmertec kit and repaired three other oem saws with farmertec parts.... been nothing but pleased with every part ive seen.
  • 2017-02-14
    Bedford T
    I am building one of these, it is my second kit, my first was the ms660. they are so much fun to put together. I made some video's on youtube where I show you step by step how to assemble them. i also made a video showing you what comes in the two mentioned kits, showing piece by piece what's in the box and important assembly tips and the very basic tools required. If you are like me you will come back to buy another and another. You can assemble these inside because they are new and clean and when you are finished you will have an awesome saw.. You can buy upgrades for them, like the wrap handle or a larger cylinder. Usually you will get 99% of everything, you could be missing a screw. The best part is the problem solving and making your way to the end of the build and then cranking it up the first time. I encounter know it all saw guys that think they are experts but on these, little small differences can get you in trouble, if you follow their advice blindly, so put your thinking cap on and listen carefully. A common mistake you might have to take something off and put it back on. My videos show you what you get and provide suggestions and show you how I assembled it. Did I say they were FUN? Not junk, These are the real deal. I encourage you to look up the ms440 or the ms660 build kit contents on youtube. You will want one.

    They have good customer service, They post their vacations so you know when to order and you can pay with paypal. The orders take about 10 days to US unless customs on either side wants to take a peak. You can take the tracking number and use the USPS system. If you lose your tracking number you can log into your paypal account and it will be attached to the transaction payment. If you have a problem leave a message on this website logged into your account and take photos and include them and tell them what happened. The shipping they use is the best way to ship these kits. I would not want mine riding on a boat all smushed up and

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