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FARMERTEC Complete Repair Parts Engine Motor Crankcase For Stihl MS660 066 New Blue

FARMERTEC Complete Repair Parts Engine Motor Crankcase For Stihl MS660 066 New Blue Item NO: CS66020C

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  • Aftermarket Stihl MS660 066 chainsaw Complete aftermarket repair parts
Product Name FARMERTEC Complete Repair Parts Engine Motor Crankcase For Stihl MS660 066 New Blue
Item NO CS66020C
Weight 9.5 kg = 20.9439 lb = 335.1026 oz
Category Saw Repair Kits > ST 066 MS660 Parts (Complete Saw Repair Kits)
Brand Farmertec
Creation time 2018-08-19

Parts name: aftermarket complete saw repair kits as shown in the picture, blue covers

Fits: Stihl ms660 066 chainsaw 

It includes everything you need to repair a ms660 066 chainsaw

These parts are just aftermarket parts for repairing chainsaws, we don't recommend it for other purpose 


Wrap around handle bar with elbow and screws for Stihl ms650 ms660 066 065 chainsaw is available, click the link below to get one:  


Louise Johnny

Awesome. My husband was very impressed with the order.


Patrick Prafke

I've owned by 660 kit saw for almost a year now. It's been well used and handles and restarts very well. Dint have anything bad to say about it. All positive reviews from me.


Christian Spencer

Purchased the kit 660 and assembled it. Over all everything went together quite well and has run very well. I’ve got a few deficiencies I will list here but nothing that can’t be over come by the experienced builder.
Screw quality was in question a few times. Broke 2 screws along the assembly route. The outer fuel line was leaking on the mold line. Replaced with OEM fuel line. Top cover out of alignment and the compression release would bind on it. Trimmed some plastics.
After it all went together it started up and ran well. I have a 32 inch bar .404 pitch on it and it eats wood.
The top Handel is not worth a dang. With some fairly light duty cutting the handle started to bend back. The Material must be a tad thinner than OEM.
Have about 10 hours on it and two carb adjustments.


Paul Shipley

This was a fun kit to put together. Runs great only missing on m4 screw. Now we will see how it goes from here.


don drinkwater

i have bought 3 of these g660 saws very happy with them fired up after 6 pulls ran well straight out of the box.i also bought a ms660 kit saw put it together in 6 hours put a big bore kit on it the saw runs great .it looks the part with blue covers might have to order and build some more it is a good past time .do yourself a favour and buy one to put it together


don drinkwater

i received my g660 saw very impressed with the build quality took 6 pulls to start. the saw idles really well and runs well.i have 2 more complete saws to come and one kit to put together. overall very pleased with the saw
  • 29M58S
    Got three of the test saws back for maintenance type things.....they have all been out since this time last year. Seem like they are doing just fine in the grand scheme of things. ALSO stuck together a low top 372xpw (original edition) saw, ALL OEM; for a fellow who has run 390's for the last ten years and is beginning to feel the results. So trying to build a torque enhanced saw with the weight of the 365 and split the difference between a 372xt and 390 for power. AND a follow on the the weight loss program I have embarked on since this time last year....have really made progress and now that the routine is BACK in place hoping to settle into this work pattern and get BACK to where I was as best possible before I was messed up first by a goofy Highway Work Schedule, which first was about only living on 3 hours of sleep a night for a couple of years during winter. THAT precipitated into me being groggy tired ALL the time; having an accident falling out of a tractor and tearing the Pectoral muscle completely whats called a weight lifters tear; , a complete detachment. THE the lack of sleep issues continued, weight gain continued until my hip began to fail, exacerbating all things...until finally I had to retire. Spent the last summer first re-evaluating priorities, getting a hip replaced and now resetting both priorities and life in general.....this is the result.
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  • 17M8S
    These saws really aren't all Farmertec, they are blended with other vendors parts. They ALL started with Farmertec Kits, but ALL without exception have parts from a variety of sources, from OEM to random ebay stores. Most of these are featured in build video's from last year. How those saws are used and a snap shot of what they are expected to do while in the test program. Some tips from someone who knows a lot about logging and processing the timber to be sold. And I need to make a point, in a follow up video. While these saws may not have swayed him from the Husqvarna brand saws, and they are a blend of parts NOT all Farmertec some other Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturers parts mixed in with OEM ( German? NOT always! ) There have been NO hard part failures this year with any of the test saws. None. So its not about reliability now, its just feel and preferences. Maybe if they go another year and another .... I think what happens is tools regardless of origin earn their respect over a period of time. Over a period of years if these saws keep doing what they are now they may have a different level of respect. SO now the mission changes. For can we make them can we make them preferred. A Huge change! There is a growing sub culture around these saw. And here is the delima...A LOT of that is because of the I built this ownership of building these. I'm certainly guilty of that, one of my all time favorite saws is my Farmer Jones MS660's and its STILL running strong and is a Go To saw for big work. Showed up in a video this fall. And that's the roots of the sub culture or fan base....a DIY mentality and the ability to roll your own with a gazillion different parts from OEM to AM. Now the power heads are coming complete....for the same kind of money as the kits...SO will that blunt the growth of the DIY growth?? Or will it accelerate it? A subject for the next video..:) Note: Test Saw #3 is the Better Build I did January 2018, with a different crank, Hyway Pop Up Piston, HyWay ha
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  • 7M
    FarmerTec G660 Stihl RS new chain LS+ 30ml 50cm ES Light bar stejar semiuscat 43cm 13300-13500rpm. Timpii R1 (initial carb setting after break in) 10.1s/9.9s R2 9.8s R3 9.4s 10.64s (high load) R4 9.96s 11.34s (high load) R6 10.72s
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  • 1M54S
    Timpii: MS661C-M 9.02s 9.78s FarmerTec G660 9.5s 10.60s Stihl MS661C-M/7 pin/13300rpm FarmerTec Holzfforma G660/7 pin/~13300rpm ES Light bar - 50cm Stihl RS new chain LS+/HP Ultra 30ml
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  • 22M59S
    So I was going to get started on fixing the McCullough Timber Bear. Then My Buddy Will stopped by with his new G660 still in the box. So we collaborated.
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  • 4M1S
    New out of the box Farmertec G372 vs G660. In my opinion the G660 takes the cake. Both are good saws out of the box and with some adjustment can become excellent tools.
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  • 6M18S
    The FarmerTec G660 is wearing a 32 bar with full comp chain and the Makita/Dolmar 7910 is using a 24 bar and chain. The wood is aleppo pine which is a hard wood pine and is full of sap and is very dense.
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  • 8M18S
    After five tanks of mixed fuel through this chiansaw I've decided to tune it to 13,500RPM. These saws can be found at and are an excellent deal. They are compatible with Stihl's 660 and 066 chainsaws. Overall I am very pleased with this saw~
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  • 4M24S
    Using my Farmertec G660 chainsaw I make a simple bench out of a log. This is my first time making a bench like this and in my own opinion it is a little crude but it serves it's purpose.
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  • 7M51S
    Unboxing of the Huztl Holzfforma G660 chainsaw which is compatible with Stihl's 660 and 066 magnum chainsaws. Well-assembled and ready to run!
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  • 9M
    First start up and cutting wood with the Holzfforma G660 out of the box. No adjustments to the carb were made.
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  • 10M15S
    Unboxing of a Farmertec MS660 chainsaw parts kits. It will be fun to build this kit by yourself!
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